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Cochise Land Office is your source for real estate services in Southern Arizona. We are in an area of interesting History, ghost towns, mining towns, outlaws and lawmen; a land of interests for everyone, such as AZ acreage for sale, farming, growers of vegetables, fruit trees, or pecans. If you have the imagination and dreams... Cochise Land Office will help you find the right parcel to fit those dreams.
People come here for the open land, and unique culture. There are large cattle ranches and agricultural farms that have been passed down for generations. This county boasts of a wealth scenic and natural resources. The people whose way of life has thrieved on those resources.



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Cochise County was set apart from Pima County and organized in 1881, named for the famous Apache chief, Cochise who, with a band of Chiricahuas, made his stronghold on the Dragoon range of mountains. Cochise was a powerful leader described as a man with a sharp gaze and commanding presence.
Cochise swooped down on those who passed along the plains below robbing and murdering without mercy. It wasn't until the time of his death that the attempt was made to settle the area now named 'Cochise County'

Alice Bencomo, Broker
Dragoon Mountain Range known as Cochise Stronghold
Chiricahua Band of Apache